class – Not quite what you might expect

Cross-cultural Communication

Blog A critical approach to the study of 'culture' and human communication.

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class – Mass media, politics and globalisation

Media in World Politics

Blog Understanding the mass media and politics in a rapidly changing world.

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research – Press on my research

Hazlitt article

Blog While attempting to manage my so-called online presence (actually trying to get rid of as many old photos as possible) I stumbled across an article in an online mag called Hazlitt

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research – Book chapter

Camera angles study

Blog Book chapter: Camera angles as visual communication in news. The semiotic approach to visual communication assumes that images are created with a communicational intention. What if they are primarily the result of other types of decision-making processes?

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writing · software – Lazy ways to prepare multiple document types.

Scrivener Pandoc

Blog Using Scrivener, the rather wonderful writing software, as an editor/previewer for multi-purpose documents written in pandoc markdown

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research – Hi-ho Hi-ho, it's off to work we go...

Productivity Surprises

Blog People in Japan are hard-working right? What does that actually mean? Let's have a look at some numbers...

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