Japanese commercial broadcasters lose money on London Olympics

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Japanese commercial broadcasters lose money on London Olympics

PUBLISHED: 21 Sep 2012

Why show the Olympics?

Speaking at a regular press conference today (21 Sep 2012) in Tokyo, Minpōren (Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association) Chairman, Hiroshi Inoue, told reporters that Japan’s commercial broadcasters (collectively referred to as ‘Minpō’ in Japanese) had, for the first time ever, made a financial loss on the combined Winter and Summer (London) Olympics.

Actual broadcast time for the London Olympics was up 20% on Beijing at just over 224 hours. However average ratings for both commercial stations (7.4%) and national broadcaster NHK (9.2%) were the lowest for a Summer Olympics since equivalent figures were first produced in 1988.

The Japan Consortium - a grouping of broadcasters which purchases the broadcast rights to major events which are then shared amongst the participants - paid ¥32.5billion (£260million) for the rights for the Winter 2010 and Summer 2012 games. This cost was not covered by income from advertising, Inoue suggested that both the low ratings and the shortfall in advertising income may have been due to the time difference between the UK and Japan (9hrs) which has resulted in many events being broadcast during the night.

五輪の平均視聴率、低調 在京5局7.4% BS影響か




Kanto area (Tokyo and six prefectures around it) viewing figures average for all Olympic coverage: NHK 9.2%, Minpō 7.4%
Lowest level since equivalent figures became available in 1988.
Actual broadcast time 20% up from Beijing Games.

ロンドン五輪、民放全体で初の赤字 放送権料高騰響く  ロンドン五輪の民放全体の放送収支が赤字となった。日本民間放送連盟の井上弘会長(TBSテレビ会長)が20日、定例会見で明らかにした。放送権料の高騰が主な要因で、民放とNHKが合同で国際オリンピック委員会(IOC)から放送権を購入するようになった1984年のロサンゼルス大会以降、初めてという。
Source: http://www.asahi.com/showbiz/tv_radio/TKY201209200429.html


Overall cvg of London Olympics left Minpō in red for first time ever.
Money spent on rights by JC (Japan Consortium = Minpō+NHK) greater than income from ads.
Total cost of rights for 2010 Winter Olympics and London: ¥325oku(GBP260million)


【日 時】 平成24年9月20日(木) 午後2時15分~2時55分
【場 所】 民放連 会議室

###Summary### According to Minpōren President Inoue:

  • Total broadcast hrs on TV: 224h2’ (BS 48h)
  • Problems (low ratings, low income from ads) may both have been due to the time difference between the UK and Japan.
  • First ever Olympics not to take broadcasters into the black.