NHK announces licence fee payment rates

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NHK announces licence fee payment rates

PUBLISHED: 26 Sep 2012

How many of Japan's television households actually pay to watch NHK?

Lowest rates of payment (%) 1. Okinawa: 42.0 2. Osaka-fu: 57.2 3. Tokyo-to: 60.8 4. Hokkaido: 63.5 5. Hyogo-ken: 67.4  


On 25th September NHK released data on the licence fee payment rates by prefecture/administrative area for the first time. The percentages indicate the actual proportion of households paying the licence fee from all those households theoretically supposed to. The nationwide rate is 72.5%, the highest rate of payments is in Akita Prefecture at 94.6%.


After Akita come Shimane (90.9%), Niigata(90.1%), Tottori(89.2%) and Yamagata(88.8%). On the other hand, large urban areas around Osaka and Tokyo are under the national average […] The lowest rate of payment is in Okinawa at just 42%.


The data announced, based on a postal survey of 56,000 households nationwide has been gathered, at a cost of ¥170 million, in order to strengthen NHK’s sales operations (eigyo katsudo).

Dated: 25 Sep 2012, 2117 Translated from Asahi Shimbun The original NHK news release is here